First Week of NDSU Bison Tumblers


About a month ago I was approached by NDSU to partner with them in officially licensed Tumblers & Coolers.  I'm glad I said yes.

You've shown me what I already knew.  People in Fargo-Moorhead, love their NDSU Bison.  I'm right there with you.

I'll be honest...I didn't see the value right away of putting logos on the Tumblers. I'm not the brightest sometimes.   I loved the brand for the cool logo of Bison Coolers first.  Then, I really got into the business because I used the stuff and it was high quality gear.  I would have some people say "You should get an NDSU logo on these."  Some would say "Don't get a logo on it...I like it how it is."  Things were selling really good before and better after the NDSU jump.  So I guess both sides are right!

I was also excited to welcome another retail partner in Fargo.  Happy Harry's became a great spot for our NDSU Tumblers and couldn't be happier with their support.  The have just the NDSU Tumblers available.  We continue to carry the full line of Tumblers, SoftPak Coolers and Hats at Bottle Barn Liquors on Veterans Blvd. in Fargo.  You can also find Tumblers at Straus For Men in Fargo.  


So, what a first couple of months this has been.   Must say thanks again for the support and look forward to what's to come for this little bad idea I had in March. ;)





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  • Hal Ecker

    Which drinking container do you recommend for keeping your beer the coldest for tailgating.

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